Epoxy Dispensing Nozzle
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In die bonding, epoxy deposition onto the substrate prior to die placement is very critical and challenging especailly when it is prone to "delamination" resulting in the product reliability or even failure.

Poor or incomplete epoxy dispensing with voids will create trapped gases during curing between the substrate and benealth the die. It should be avoided.

ld dispensing 1

ld dispensing 2 At LD Microprecision, we optimize the dispensing nozzles design in both patterns and tubing size selections that can voids.

Other design consideration include the controlling the amount of epoxy deposition limit the fillet height of less 50% of die thickness.

Tubing Pattern Design
ld dispensing tubing

Stem Design
ld dispensing stem

Order Information
Tubing Size Selection ld dispensing tubing size
Size OD ID
18G 1.25 0.90
19G 1.08 0.75
20G 0.90 0.65
21G 0.82 0.50
22G 0.72 0.45
23G 0.65 0.40
24G 0.50 0.35
ld dispensing models

Order Form
S/N Epoxy Type Epoxy Viscosity Epoxy Coverage (%) Bond Line Thickness Fillet
Height Width

S/N Package Type Die Dimensions Pad Size Other
Length Width Thickness Length Width
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