Hi Temp Pick Up Tool
Perfomance is COST
We give you BOTH
LD Microprecision designs, manufactures and market a wide range of high temperature (vespel) pickup tool with hole size down to 80 microns & tight tolerances specification. Shank type available for most machine models.

Material applicable:
1.) Vespel
2.) Torlon

ld hitemp
ld hitemp tip

The pace of development in the semiconductor & LED industry especially with the introduction of smaller and thinner die poses great challenges to the tooling design and manufacturing.

At LD Microprecision, we take that challenges seriously. Our advance in micro machining technology is able produce small of intricate pick up tools that help customers improve yield and reliability.
Material Code
B = Vespel (Brown)
D = Vespel (Black)

MC = Machine Code

Product Code
HT = Hi-Temp

O.D = Outer Diameter
I.D = Inner Diameter
ld hitemp inspection
ld hitemp plastictip

ld hitemp size1 Size Available
Outsider Diameter
OD (mm)
Insider Diameter
ID (mm)
0.15 0.080
0.25 0.10
0.30 0.15
0.40 0.18
0.50 0.20
0.60 0.30
0.75 0.40

Drawing MC Machine
ld hitemp es ES ESEC
ld hitemp as AS ASM
ld hitemp tsb TSB TOSHIBA
ld hitemp skw SKW SHINKAWA
ld hitemp unv UNV UNIVERSAL
ld hitemp ft FT FOTON

Product Code Material Code Machine Type OD ID Part No (example)
mm mils mm mils
HT B 01 2.54 100 0.75 30 HTB-01-100030
HT B 03 1.9 75 0.5 20 HTB-03-075020

Order Form
S/N Die Size Machine Type Machine Model OD ID Remark (if any)
In nano technology, small is beautiful.
That’s what we do.
We also provide design to customers specifications.
For detail, please contact : sales@ld-micro.com