Push Up Needles
Perfomance is COST
We give you BOTH
LD Microprecision designs, manufactures and market a wide range of die push up needles. Our micro grain material ensures long life application. The polished spherical tip minimized chip or crack die related problem. Full range of tip configurations are manufacture for various applications. Materials applicable :
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • High Speed Steel SKH-51
  • Music Wire
  • Tungsten
  • Others
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Procuct Code Material Code Shank Diameter Dimensional Specifications Ordering Example
Angle A Radius R Length L
PUN C 0.40mm 10 deg 0.015mm 14.30mm PUNC04-10-015-143
PUN H 0.70mm 15 deg 0.250mm 17.00mm PUNH-115-250-170
PUN S 1.00mm 25 deg 0.500mm 19.05mm PUNS10-25-500-1905
In nano technology, small is beautiful.
That’s what we do.
We also provide design to customers specifications.
For detail, please contact : sales@ld-micro.com