Fully equiped with the latest advanced optical measurement systems ranging for lower power (40x) to over 500 times magnification. All parts shipped to our customers are accompanied by the "certificate of conformance" (COC) reports.

The in-process QC (IPQC) in the production line ensure that all products meets the specifications before reaching Quality Assurance section for final inspection and packing

Within the departments, there is the Product Reliability Test Lab (PRT) which carry out performance test on some of our products for reliability.

Some of the tests carry out here are:
  • Burn-in our EFO
  • Rubber hardness test
  • Wire pull stress test
  • Static test
ld qualityassure 01
Outgoing Inspection
ld qualityassure 02 ld qualityassure 03
In process QC (IPQC)
In nano technology, small is beautiful.
That’s what we do.
We also provide design to customers specifications.
For detail, please contact : sales@ld-micro.com