Hybrid Rubber Collet

Hybrid Rubber Collet

Hybrid Rubber Collet

Hybrid Rubber is one of our patented product. This collet provide easy, and reliable technique for lifting thin fragile and uneven surface die. Hybrid rubber tip can solves stack die, sticky die and foreign particles on die, and missing die issue. Other than that, its lifespan is longer than normal rubber collet.


Difference Between Current Rubber Tip & Hybrid Rubber Tip Surface

 Zoom to 300x                                                                                                                       Zoom to 600x






The picture above has shown that normal rubber have a lots of pimples holes on tip surface which collecting particles and drop off from tips. High shore D Hardness with cobalt will drop off from tip surface. However, hybrid rubber shows rigid homogeneous tip material where its small ID holes can machine and will not collapses like NBR rubber. Besides, there is no foreign material and calbate perticles dropping off from tips surface due to no pimples of cavity holes on tips surface. Hybrid rubber is very durable and provide very long and lasting tip life span.


Please contact our sales representative for customize or special design request.

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