Rubber Collet

Rubber Collet

Rubber Collet

Rubber collet is the most commonly used pick-up tool in the industry. The material is non-conductive and anti-static. Our wide range of rubber pick up tool are widely used in die pick, we provide variety of size to meet different application for normal temperature and high temperature with hole size down to 80 micron.

Rubber Collet Holder Size:

H1= 1.6 x 1.6 mm

H2= 2.6 x 2.6 mm

Other= Customize Size


RC-XXX-01 (Rubber Collet – Round)


RC-XXX-02 (Rubber Collet – Round)


RC-XXX-XXX-01 (Rubber Collet Flat Tip – Square & Rectangular)


RC-XXX-XXX-02 (Rubber Collet Relief Wall – Square & Rectangular)


RC-XXX-XXX-04 (Rubber Collet – Micro Tip)



RDC-XXX-01 (Replaceable Plastic Collet) – For Flip Chip Process


RDC-XXX-02 (Replaceable Plastic Collet) – For Flip Chip Process


RCX Series (Rubber Collet X-Groove)


RCM Series (Rubber Collet – Multi Hole)

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