Capillary Cleaning

Capillary Cleaning

Capillary Cleaning

LD Microprecision has developed the ultra fine probes that is used in the wafer testing to effectively clean the smallest capillary wire drag holes. We have carried out some development to recycle the used Wire Bond capillary to extend its lifespan by at least 75-100% depending on the touch down usage.


Magnification at 500X ( From 50k bond until 500k bond)

Obviously, even at the initial 50k ” touch down” the tip start exhibiting collection of “dirts”.
The concern is the contamination / metalization accumulated at the tip.

Cleaning of used capillary eliminate or minimize the particle that goes into the wire bond
process that can cause also delamination problem.



i. Tremendous cost saving
ii. Improve the wire bond quality


Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

A regularly clean Wire Bond Capillary will ensure continue good bondability.
From our record, a Wire Bond capillary can averagely be recycled three times against
the normal lifespan where it is discarded e.g at 500k Bond.

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