Capillary Unplugging Wire

Capillary Unplugging Wire

Capillary Unplugging Wire

Capillary unplugging wire offers an easy economical way to unplug clogged capillary. This is especially useful for engineers during bonding evaluation when the optimum process parameters are not defined yet and the gold ball tends to get clogged in the capillary holes. This can be done by simply inserting the tip of the unplugging wire from the top of the capillary and gently raises and lowers the wire within the capillary.


i. Save cost

ii. User friendly

iii. Improve machine uptime

iv. suitable for wide range of capillary hole size

Size Table
Part Number Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Tip Angle Tip Radius
CUW-3215 0.02 32.0 1.0 0.015

* Standard size for all.

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